I love making and using homemade soap! Because I make it, I know what is in each bar unlike store bought soap, who knows what is in it! For me the two most important features is that the bar last a long time and moisturizes my skin. I have used and tried so many combinations of oils and butters, then I stumbled upon Babassu Oil! Holy cow my new favorite oil!

I love this oil because it cleanses just as well as coconut oil, but it does not dry out the skin the way coconut oil can in some people. Plus it really helps make a long lasting hard bar of soap. I can actually tell the difference between my soap I made with this oil and the soaps that do not have it in them. After a shower my skin feels soft and moisturized.

One of my favorite bars with this oil in it is the one pictured below! Driftwood Soap is made with Sandalwood, Lavender and Sweet Orange essential oils. The smell is devine and is a unisex scent. I have lots of male customers who love it. I used wild cherry bark and alkanet root to get the deep brown wood like coloring. 

If you have never tried homemade soap, I urge you to do so right away! Go out to your local farmers market, go to craft fairs and by from your local soaper! Each bar will be a completely different experience because each soapers recipe is unique to them. Try them all and support your local soaper!