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Liquid Foundation Serum

Liquid Foundation Serum

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Liquid Foundation Serum - all natural, vegan serum turns any of our loose powder foundations into a liquid foundation. Mix several drops of the liquid with some of the powder, mix and apply to face. If you want sheer coverage add more liquid, if you are looking for more coverage, use less liquid. With this serum you are in control of your foundation. Your skin is unique, some days it may be oily, others dry. Why not have a foundation that you control, based on your skin.

With this serum added to makeup regime you can choose to wear the powder alone or add a little serum for thicker coverage or add more serum for lighter, sheer coverage. The choice is yours. It is easy to mix the powder and serum. You can apply the mixture with your fingers or favorite applicator.

This serum is vegan. It is made with aloe vera juice and vegetable glycerin. Very light weight and will not clog pores.
Comes in a 2 ounce glass bottle with dropper.

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