Sandstone Matte Blush

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Sandstone Matte Blush - A light brown blush good with all skin tones, makes a lovely light brown eye shadow. Our mineral make up is made with natural oxides not synthetic. Each powder comes in a pretty 1.5 nt wt container with a sifter. All of our make up is comes in a loose powder.

Right now we offer 4 shades of blush. The best thing with mineral make up is how versatile it is. Many of our blushes work great as eye shadows. So you get more styling options.

We also offer mineral make up foundations and eye shadows. Each of our mineral make up products are hand ground and mixed in small batches. Our make up is never tested on animals!

Ingredients: sericite, titanium dioxide, silica, yellow iron dioxide, red iron dioxide, ultramarine blue